Parents & Families

Dear Parent:

The process of divorce may be long, difficult, and both emotionally and financially devastating, but the one thing most parents want to protect, above all else, is their children.  With so much at risk – now is the time to seek help so that your children’s best interests can be protected.

No parent, knowingly, sets out to hurt their children or expose them to bitter fighting, loyalty binds, or emotional trauma; yet this is precisely what can occur when parents engage in a prolonged and hostile divorce process or custody battle.   When dealing with all the legal and financial aspects of a divorce, parents are often left with little energy or time to focus on their children; right at the time when they are  feeling most vulnerable and insecure.

The experienced professionals at NCPC can help!   Take a moment and review just some of our services that may help you protect your children throughout and after the divorce process:   Parenting Plan development, Parenting Coordination, Parenting Quality assessment, or Family Law Mediation.  Clink on any of these links and please contact us for more information.


Dr. Debra K. Carter, Licensed Psychologist

President and Co- Founder, the National Cooperative Parenting Center