Forensic Work Product Review

Expert reports and opinions vary in quality and comprehensiveness.   NCPC’s team  professionals review the work of other professionals and offer analysis of the work product and procedures utilized based upon quality and adherence to guidelines and industry standards.  Our professionals will:

  •   Deliver an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the forensic work product
  • Describe vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the work product and in the procedures used in the work that can be explicated and exposed to the Court
  • Identify the strengths in the work product, so as to anticipate what the opposition will emphasize during litigation and at trial
  • Author a written report, summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of the forensic work product (or if desired, a verbal report in lieu)
  • Offers expert testimony with regard to the forensic work product, if appropriate
  • Assist in preparing for the deposition and/or testimony of experts whose work we have reviewed.

This type of review is NOT another evaluation and is NOT an alternative set of recommendations. It is an objective and empirically informed analysis of a forensic work product.

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