Forensic Psychology Consultation

Litigation can be costly and often does not result in protecting children’s best interests or achieving a client’s desired outcome.   When parents disagree over their children's best interests, they may see going to court as the only way to get solutions.  Whether seeking alternative dispute resolutions   involving disputed parenting issues or going to trial, the Forensic Psychology Consultants at NCPC may be able to assist by:

  • Helping you make strategic choices with regard to the child-focused/child Custody aspects of your case.
  • Guide and educate you about the mental-health related elements and events in your case (such as mandatory mediation and types of forensic evaluations).
  • Conduct background research on specific issues or needed resources.
  • Help you develop a case theory and a cohesive/comprehensive case strategy.
  • Write direct and cross-examination questions, (whichever is appropriate) for trial or for depositions on matters dealing with mental health and psychology issues.
  • Prepare you to be an effective participant in Child Custody mediation and/or Child Custody evaluations.
  • Help prepare you and other individuals who are going to testify in court or in depositions.
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