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Why can’t I just let go?


When Contact Hurts

There are certain, predictable, stages of divorce that explains how and when divorced couples may recover. For many, the path to recovery includes letting go of dreams and wishes that were connected to the now dissolved marriage along with resolving feelings of hurt, rejection, and abandonment. The letting go stage is a necessary prelude to establishing a new, healthy, marital partnership or love interest and for developing a good parenting partnership with your former spouse. For those who are able to accomplish this task in relatively short order (two years is the norm) , the task of developing an effective co-parenting unit is much easier. Many couples, however, are never able to effectively “let go” of their previous marital partner and maintain the “partnership” by continued hurtful contact that is characterized by resentment, hatred, and lack of cooperation. These parents continue to be so dysfunctional that establishing an effective parenting partnership requires guidance from well-trained experienced professionals. NCPC offers Parenting Coordination, “divorce therapy”, individual therapy, anger management, and parenting education to help parents and children stop the hurting.    NCPC Contact