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How will the divorce/separation affect our children?


What Should You Expect – Children’s reactions to separation and divorce

Children, like adults, experience a wide range of emotions and reactions to their parent’s divorce. The age of a child, however, helps predict how a child may react depending on their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. NCPC offers parents’ education about normal child development and the impact of divorce on development. Armed with information and heightened sensitivity, parents can greatly influence whether their children continue a healthy developmental path and maintain a positive outlook on life after divorce, or whether the child’s energies for normal development are diverted by parental hostility, instability in their home life, and neglect of basic needs. Parent education may be brief and formal, or it may take the form of ongoing consultation with a child development specialist. Ignorance about child development costs dearly and may cause mistakes in parenting decisions without the parent’s awareness. NCPC can help you avoid common mistakes in parenting and help you develop confidence in your parenting skills as you help your children make the necessary, but often difficult, adjustments that come with divorce. NCPC Contact