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How can I get help to resolve our differences?


Resolving Parenting Conflicts Without Court or Attorneys

All parents have a right to their own perspectives, values and feelings where their children are concerned. Parents also have a responsibility to express their opinions and exert efforts to promote and nurture a healthy environment for their children. It can be a seemingly insurmountable challenge to resolve differences of opinion regarding what is “healthy” for their children after the separation. Failing to do so can result in large legal bills, dragging yourself and your children to court, and interruptions to your own health and well-being as well as the health and well-being of your children. NCPC offers Parenting Coordination, Family Law Mediation, parenting education, psychological evaluations, psychotherapy, and counseling for parents and families who want to resolve parenting concerns and conflicts without giving their parental control and power over to a stranger (the judge).   NCPC Contact