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The NCPC’s Parenting Coordinators have extensive experience in training Parenting Coordination and in the practice of PC. They adhere to national standards of practice and helped develop the ethical guidelines for Parenting Coordination. The NCPC offers mentorship to those who are just entering the practice of Parenting Coordination and to those who want to enhance their skills. Mentorship is offered for individuals or small groups.

Drs. Carter and Spellman, the Founders of NCPC,  have been providing law firms and their clients with litigation consulting and expert witness services for over 25 years.  We have been leaders in both the development of these services by mental health professionals as well as contributors to establishing practice guidelines, resources and oversight within our profession.  Several jurisdictions and professional societies have invited us to train mental health and legal professionals working in family law.

NCPC continues to build on our stellar reputation for services to clients in the dispute resolution process. Within the legal community, we have an unsurpassed reputation for accuracy and professionalism while maintaining the highest ethical standards. Because of our success and recognition, we frequently consult to law firms and are retained by the courts to serve as reviewers, consultants, and expert witnesses in cases involving complex family law matters.

A fundamental component of our Litigation Services Group is timely, responsive feedback . Whether we are retained as a consultant or an expert in the discovery, trial and/ or post trial phases, this close interaction, together with our broad industry expertise, allows us to develop and execute an effective strategy.

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Family Law Mediation

Our senior psychologists are FL Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators trained to facilitate negotiation in divorce and separation. Expertise in mental health and child development help parents reach agreements that best meet their children’s needs.

Forensic Psychology Consultation

Litigation can be costly and often does not result in protecting children’s best interests or achieving a client’s desired outcome. When parents disagree over their children’s best interests, they may see going to court as the only way to get solutions.

Whether seeking alternative dispute resolutions involving disputed parenting issues or going to trial, the Forensic Psychology Consultants at NCPC may be able to assist by:

Forensic Work Product Review

Expert reports and opinions vary in quality and comprehensiveness. NCPC’s team professionals review the work of other professionals and offer analysis of the work product and procedures utilized based upon quality and adherence to guidelines and industry standards.

Our professionals will:

Review of Expert Reports/Opinions

Expert reports and opinions vary in quality and comprehensiveness. NCPC professionals will review the work of other mental health professionals and offer analysis of the work product based upon quality and adherence to guidelines and industry standards in that expert’s area of specialty. Our professionals will also assist in the development of questions for legal professionals to use for deposition, direct and cross examination. Written analysis of an expert’s work may be confidential or used to assist in litigation.

Expert Testimony

The psychologists at NCPC are uniquely qualified to offer expert testimony to the court based on years of experience and a reputation of excellence. Their education, experience, and expertise in issues of attachment, child development, parent-child relationships, mental health needs, parenting style, and adjustment issues post-separation provides the Court, attorneys, and families with empirically-based knowledge to help make sound decisions for the best interests of all.

Consultation to the Professional

The NCPC’s specialists offer expertise to mental health and legal professionals in the areas of parenting coordination, custody evaluations, psychological assessments, parenting plan evaluations, expert witness testimony and other divorce-related services and associated child development concerns.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination (PC) is a process that helps parents resolve disputes and learn how to protect their children from the harmful effects of chronic exposure to parental conflict. When parents need an objective expert to help them implement the parenting tools they need to promote constructive decision-making, a PC will help ensure that children’s needs are met.

Parenting Plan (Custody) Evaluation and Recommendations

Parents who are separating or divorcing are often concerned about the impact the change in family structure will have on their children. The child development experts at NCPC can help parents and their attorneys design a detailed parenting plan that addresses each child’s needs while considering each parent’s strengths and weaknesses.   This process includes a thorough assessment of all parties and follows protocols which exceed all national standards and guidelines, e.g. APA, AFCC, etc.   Our experts take into account any changes that will impact parents and children for years to come and include these in recommendations.

Relocation Risk Assessment

The risks for children whose parents are separated or divorced are greater than for children who move together with both parents to new locations. It is crucial to be knowledgeable of the risks, as well as possible safeguards for the children, when constructing meaningful time sharing plans under these conditions, in order to maximize healthy adjustment and access to resources.

The experts at NCPC utilize the Relocation Risk Assessment Model developed by W. Austin (Family Court Review, Vol. 46 No. 2, April 2008, 347-365) to evaluate the risks and mitigating factors to help parents, attorneys, and the court make decisions to minimize harm to children.

Parenting Plan Facilitation

Parenting Plan facilitation is a social study conducted by a qualified mental health professional to help parents establish or modify parenting plan arrangements. This time-limited intervention is designed to help parents and the court modify parenting arrangements while assessing effectiveness before finalizing an agreement. 

This type of intervention if often used when the court finds that the parents’ lack of cooperation negatively affects a child’s relationship with a parent, and/or when parents are unable to establish or comply with previously ordered or agreed upon parenting plan arrangements.

The Parenting Plan Facilitator may inform the court as to each party’s commitment to the principals of shared parenting and any obstacles identified to establishing an effective parenting plan that would benefit the child.

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