Mental Health Professionals

The NCPC is dedicated to assisting Mental Health Professionals in providing high quality expertise to their clients by offering the following services: Case consultation, Clinical Supervision, Parenting Coordinator Mentorship and Parenting Coordination case consultation. Choose any link below and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

The NCPC offers a wide range of services to assist Mental Health Professionals in providing high quality expertise to their clients. Our services include:

  • Consultation to Mental Health Professionals;
  • Clinical Supervision;
  • Mentorship in Parenting Coordination;
  • Continuing education.

NCPC’s Specialists

The NCPC’s specialists offer expertise to mental health and legal professionals in the areas of parenting coordination, custody evaluations, psychological assessments, parenting plan evaluations, expert witness testimony and other divorce-related services and associated child development concerns.

Seasoned Clinicians

Our experienced, seasoned clinicians are available to provide supervision or case consultation to other mental health professionals on both clinical and forensic cases. Each of our senior clinicians has over twenty years of expertise in their field of specialization and will provide direction and guidance to the clinician on a one-time or ongoing basis.

The NCPC’s Parenting Coordinators

The NCPC’s Parenting Coordinators have extensive experience in training Parenting Coordination and in the practice of PC. They adhere to national standards of practice and helped develop the ethical guidelines for Parenting Coordination. The NCPC offers mentorship to those who are just entering the practice of Parenting Coordination and to those who want to enhance their skills. Mentorship is offered for individuals or small groups.

Parenting Coordination Defined