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Empirically Based Parenting Plans

Developed by the Parenting Plan Taskforce of FLAFCC, Debra K. Carter, Ph.D., Chairperson; 

Increasingly, experts are being called upon by the court to provide empirical evidence to inform legal decision-making within family law.  This user-friendly CD is an essential reference for judges, family law attorneys, mental health professionals, custody evaluators, mediators, court-based personnel, case managers, parenting coordinators and family law finance professionals. A comprehensive compendium of the most relevant social research including: developmental considerations, detailed differential parenting protocols for high versus low conflict, recommendations for addressing domestic violence, relocation sharing plans and how parental participation affects children’s adjustment is provided. While addressing fairness to parents, the most current research is included to assist professionals in the process of developing parenting plans that consider the unique circumstances of each family. 

All proceeds (minus shipping) go to the Florida Chapter of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (FLAFCC).

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